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Development & Investments

In 1995, Koebra had expanded its services to include design and development consulting for major North American Corporations such as Canadian National Railways and Trizec Hahn Corporation. Moreover, it became involved in several Design/Build projects in the private and public domains. In 1998, Koebra won the design-build competition for the new Eastern Canadian Logistics Facility for Nortel Networks in partnership with the Hydro Quebec Pension Fund.

Asset & Property Management

Koebra has participated in direct repositioning and implementation including project and construction management, marketing and leasing as well as property administration for its clients. By 1995, it had managed in excess of 2 million square feet of commercial office, retail and industrial space in Quebec, and had sold in excess of $100 million of real estate.

Consulting & Project Management

Koebra also provides a wide range of consulting and management services for third party owners of commercial, residential, industrial, and mixed-use real estate.

Our Partners

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